If the handheld Catch It isn't your cup of tea,
introducing the
SUPER CATCH IT Freestanding Brass Catcher

The Super Catch It was developed due to inquiries from shooters who didn't want
the distraction of a catcher attached to the shooting hand.  The result has a large
(approx 20" x 20") opening with a depth of approx 15".  The bag shape has recently been updated to
 provide better brass retention and has an external support to hold its shape, yet move to
absorb the impact of a case when weighted with brass.  The supports are in the bag,
 not part of the frame.
There is nothing to set up, just place the bag upright and the support falls into
place.  Capacity: 200 rounds of 45 ACP.
The catcher mounts on any standard photo tripod (not included).  These tripods have
a 1/4" mounting stud which screws into the catcher base allowing full adjustability
 for height  and angle.  The tripod used for development was purchased at Wal-Mart
for around $18.00 and was suitable for 6'-8 shooter to use the catcher.  With the
legs retracted, the catcher works well from a bench.
The bag is made from black "1/4 mesh" fabric with heavy canvas hem around frame which allows
wind to pass through without becoming too much of a wind sock.


The catcher comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Price: $43.87

Price includes $9.00 shipping and handling via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail.
Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


Send check or money order for $43.00 (no PayPal fee) to:

Graco Models
Box 18763
Kearns, UT 84118

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