Tired of losing your brass?

Shown are the Catch It brass catchers.  These are made in two models.  One for semi-automatic pistols and one for semi-automatic rifles.  These catchers are, to the best of our knowledge, universal in their use.  The pistol unit has successfully been used be a left-handed shooter with a 1911 Colt.  The rifle unit has seen use on weapons as varied as a Browning bottom-eject .22, AR-15's, M1's and the Ruger "mini" series.  They are constructed to be formed as required to match the ejection port.  Prototype testing is continually being done, and although there may be a weapon out there they won't work with, we haven't found it yet.
Two of the major manufacturers are currently using the pistol catchers in their factories.  Both are satisfied.

  The bags are black fabric


Pistol brass catcher   $22.77

Rifle brass catcher  $23.77

Shipping is included

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